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The Commencement will be rebroadcast on WRLR on May 21st.


Left to right, co-hosts Mick Cullen, Kathryn Starzec (Professor of English), Jeff Anderson (Math Professor) and the Lancer mascot. 

WRLR broke away from regular programming on September 1st in the early afternoon to provide local coverage about the shooting and killing  of a police officer in Fox Lake. WRLR pulled together a team that gave ground zero reporting. This team included Matt Rosenberg, Lou Bruno and Terry Cox in the studio and Rusty Silber and Ron Pecorini out in the field.

We continued our coverage the following day by providing updates on the manhunt and carried the candlelight vigil from Fox Lake.

WRLR broadcast for the first time ever from the Mundelein Community Days parade on Sunday, July 5th. Our broadcast started a little bit after 12 Noon and ran for just over 3 hours from the corner of Prospect and Hawley avenues. Hosts for the broadcast were Ann Walker and Lou Bruno, with on air assist from Terry Cox (standing on right). All are WRLR members who produce the 'CERTS Presents' show that airs the last Thursday each month at 8 PM. CERTS had their canopy setup next to WRLR at the start of the parade route (far left in photo is Lou's daughter Rachel). We were in a high visibility spot and were able to provide top notch parade coverage and interviews to our listeners throughout Lake County and beyond. Onsite engineer for the day's broadcast was Assist Office Manager Rich DiDomenico. That's him in the picture, on the phone making sure the broadcast is going out.
WRLR was in the parade with it's van, trailer, and golf cart. It was the longest parade WRLR has been in and had over 110 entries. Helping pass out candy and dog biscuits were two CERT members (on the the WRLR golf cart) and volunteers Fran Krywko, Chuck Krywko, Scott Krywko and Bonnie Hunter. Station mascot Bristol rode shotgun in the van with station president Bish Krywko. She braved some extremely hot weather (it was 86 degrees outside and the van AC doesn't work) in order to greet the thousands who lined the parade route. She was a big hit.
Special thanks to CERT for providing the generator to power our equipment at the broadcast booth, and to Mundelein Assistant Village Administrator Mike Flynn for his help.
If you missed the broadcast you can listen to it here. Be forewarned, there are a lot of loud fire truck sirens so you may want to have your ear plugs ready!
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